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Real. Simple. Fitness.

Located in Dillsburg, PA, I specialize in helping people take their first steps into fitness, or those ready to get moving again. I am passionate about physical activity, and have experienced many of the benefits of staying active. It's not always easy to stay on track, but I'm here to help you maximize your time and effort spent exercising, and to keep you accountable to your goals. In fact, my clients inspire me to stay healthy as well!


We can't overlook the effect that proper nutrition has on our health and overall well-being. I encourage a diet full of whole foods, fruits and vegetables. And occasional treats too. I am able to guide you into making some lasting healthy eating habits, one small step at a time. 

My ultimate goal is to help you find the balance between a healthy, and enjoyable lifestyle and to make fitness simple, fun, affordable and lifelong.  It's important to me that you learn the skills needed to exercise independently and consistently, so you can experience greater health, and a higher quality of life, always.


A bit about Jenn...

I'm Jenn, owner of RSF, Certified Personal Trainer & Certified Health Coach. Pictured above with me are the people I love most. My husband Gary, and our two girls, Sierra & Sophie. We live in Dillsburg, PA with (too) many adorable cats.

I became a stay at home mom in 2010, when my oldest was born. When the kids (finally) started school full time, I transformed my personal passion for fitness into helping others experience the many benefits of being active.


I am a lover of [country] music, coffee, open windows, selfies, mountains, laughing, vacations, campfires, makeup and Captain Morgan. And of course, fitness and nutrition.


I highly value honesty and authenticity, which is at the foundation of everything I do. You will find that I am open and raw about my #reallife. Such as struggles with parenting, marriage and weak coffee. And how I try really hard to find balance in all things, like eating real food but also ice cream and dark chocolate. I love getting to know people and I value everyone's individual journey and uniqueness.


I want to support and encourage YOU to take an active role in improving your own health and well being through exercise and healthy eating. Please read over my page and contact me with any questions.


A Bit About Sherri...

My name is Sherri Ierley. I live in East Berlin with my husband, and I am the current owner of York Divers, where I teach people how to scuba dive. 


Fitness has always been an important factor in what I do and with an activity like my job, staying in shape is key. So, combining my two passions; scuba and fitness, I became a Scuba Fit Instructor in 2016. I previously taught fitness classes at Ohana Fitness for some time until the facility closed. I took this time to focus on myself, keeping active by running and working out. I became a Certified Women’s Coaching Specialist in December 2019. I completed my Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification in September to round out the focus on being healthy. 


I met Jenn through the East Berlin Fitness Center where you can find me at the front desk or the weight room. When she opened her studio, I took advantage of the early morning class and joined her. 

I still teach scuba diving but I am excited to join you at Real Simple Fitness to offer more opportunities to keep you active for both your body and mind.  


A Bit About Tasha...

Hi, I’m Tasha, Certified Personal Trainer and TRX qualified trainer. I am married, have two kiddos ages 7 and 9, and a German Shepherd named Maddie.  We live in Dillsburg, PA and love the small town vibes.

A few of my personal favorites include COFFEE, strength training, reading a good book, running (only when it is “just the right temperature outside”), anything beach related, dark chocolate, sunshine, and a nice clean house!  My ultimate family favorites are hiking, biking, and just being active outdoors with the WHOLE (including the dog) family! It truly makes me happy and motivates me to be the best me! 


I became a personal trainer so I can motivate and encourage people towards a healthier lifestyle. I love to talk about anything fitness, nutrition, and life in general.