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Personal Training

In person and online options!

If the term personal training seems intimidating or elusive, think of what I do as Personalized Fitness Coaching.

After a detailed consultation discussing your goals, roadblocks, preferences and expectations, we will create a fitness plan that meets you exactly where you are now and progresses with you as you become stronger and fitter.

This type of training is ideal for those who prefer a private setting and/or would enjoy or benefit from a completely individualized program and focused attention.

Some clients appreciate starting with a few private sessions before diving into our group fitness classes. This allows you to get more comfortable with the exercises and make a personalized plan toward your goals. 

Exercises and workouts heavily focus on functional and fundamental movements. Posture, balance, core stability, strength and cardio training are all part of a balanced program. Of course the focus ultimately depends on your needs and goals. 

We use a variety of equipment like dumbbells', bands, balls and your own bodyweight to accomplish an effective workout. 

General nutrition guidance is naturally weaved in throughout the process as desired by the client.


In depth health or nutrition coaching can be very helpful and sometimes crucial to meeting your goals. These private sessions would be in addition to exercise sessions. Learn more about that here.

Program Details:

  • An in depth consultation to discuss your history and goals 

  • Simple assessments to determine current fitness level & capabilities

  • Customized sessions and exercises designed to be enjoyable and effective

  • Ongoing program evaluation to keep things fresh and conducive to your goals

  • Text/Email support (24hr response time)

  • Weekly & Monthly Progress Tracking, if desired

  • Accountability Check-ins (via text/email), if desired

  • Access to the RSF Community Facebook Group for added support and motivation

  • Non judgmental and confidential support. Warm and authentic friendship.

  • Additional Customized “On your Own” Workouts, additional $10/week

Now that you know a little bit more, it's time to set up a free, friendly and zero pressure consultation to see how I can best serve you and your unique needs. 

You can Book Online or click below!

Private Session Prices & Packages

Single Sessions are $50

  • 8 Private Sessions

    Sessions are 45 minutes
    Valid for 3 months
    • Personal Training or Health Coaching
  • 12 Private Sessions

    Sessions are 45 minutes
    Valid for 3 months
    • Personal Training or Health Coaching
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