• Build muscle tone, definition and strength

  • Increase your metabolism and energy

  • Feel powerful, strong and BADA$$

  • Set your worries aside for a bit and focus on YOU

Details & FAQ

1. What is the schedule?

We start June 20th and end August 12th.

Classes are every Monday and Wednesday at 8-8:45am. You will be given a Bodyweight Circuit Workout to do on your own on Friday or Saturday. I’ll provide a short video showing one round of the circuit. And I’ll offer some of these as online workouts we can do together!

Please note: I will miss class on 8/1 & 8/3. I am working on getting a trainer to fill in. Otherwise, I’ll provide workouts you can do on your own for those days.

2. I’ll be on vacation and will miss some classes.

That’s ok! You will be given several Bodyweight Circuit Workouts to do on your own. No equipment needed. You can use these while on vacation. Or, if you have equipment, you can do the scheduled workout on your own. Try not to skip more than two days in a row.

3. What is small group training?

This is a specialized workout group of about 4-8 members that follow a progressive workout program. (Progressive means it continually challenges you as you get stronger.) It is in the middle of a group fitness class and a private personal training session.

4. I am a beginner to strength training, is this appropriate for me?

Yes! You will start with a weight load that is appropriate for you and build upon that each week. All exercises will be basic strength exercises and easy to learn and master.

As long as you have no major body pain, limitations or restrictions and you can easily get down and up off the floor, this is for you! It’s also suitable for pregnancy, so long as you are cleared to exercise.

5. What kind of equipment will we use?

We will use dumbbells for the workouts in class. No equipment is needed for the Bodyweight Circuit that you do on your own. Just mental toughness. ;)

6. Do I need to eat certain food?

I will offer some fundamental nutrition guidance for strength training. It is not required to follow a certain diet, but you may notice faster results if you are eating mostly nutritious foods.

7. Will I lose weight?

While this is not a weight loss program, you may lose weight because you are being more active and burning more calories than normal. You will likely notice your body change as you increase your muscle mass (in a good way). Strength training should be a priority for any type of goal! I can give you more information on this if needed. You can reduce your daily calories on this program (for weight loss), but be sure to eat good quality, nutritious food– high in protein and fiber.

If you want to maintain your weight or build muscle faster, you may need to increase your daily calories.

8. Will I bulk up and look manly?

No. First, it is very difficult for women to build that type of physique. And it is a complicated process. This program is to build strong muscles from head to toe in a typical lady who wants to FEEL and BE strong, powerful and confident.

9. What’s all included?

  • A full 8 week strength training program. Designed to progressively challenge your body for consistent muscle building and strength. Two classes per week, plus an additional on your own workout, with video guidance.

  • Oversight and guidance (by me) to ensure proper form and challenge you when needed. :)

  • Workout Tracking System (either on paper or electronically) so you stay consistent and can see your progress over time.

  • Nutritious meal suggestions and basic nutrition guidance.

  • Additional workout routine or suggestions. Optional!  But may be helpful if you have a weight loss goal.

  • Progress Photos- I will snap some photos on the first and last workout so you can see how your body has changed. These can be fully clothed photos. Or you can take your own at home.

  • A plan to continue your fitness for when the program is over.

  • A private FB Group for communication, encouragement and camaraderie.

10. What is the cost?

The total cost is $200. It is preferable that you pay in full, but it’s fine if you want to break it down into two payments. You can pay by credit card, cash, or check (payable to Real Simple Fitness). I will send you an invoice after you register.

11. What if I choose to cancel?

Your refund will be prorated based on how many weeks you have attended. $25 per week.

12. I can’t commit to classes, can I do this program on my own?

Sure. I can give you the written workout for you to do on your own. Cost is $45.

Please note, I need 5 committed ladies to move forward with this program.

Maximum is about 7 or 8 based on the amount of equipment I have. So, if you’re interested, pre-register now! Last day to register is June 12th!

I'M IN! 

About Real. Simple. Fitness.

Located in Dillsburg, PA, I specialize in helping people take their first steps into fitness, or those ready to get moving again. I am passionate about physical activity, and have experienced many of the benefits of staying active. It's not always easy to stay on track, but I'm here to help you maximize your time and effort spent exercising, and to keep you accountable to your goals. In fact, my clients inspire me to stay healthy as well!


We can't overlook the effect that proper nutrition has on our health and overall well-being. I encourage a diet full of whole foods, fruits and vegetables. And occasional treats too. I am able to guide you into making some lasting healthy eating habits, one small step at a time. 

My ultimate goal is to help you find the balance between a healthy, and enjoyable lifestyle and to make fitness simple, fun, affordable and lifelong.  It's important to me that you learn the skills needed to exercise independently and consistently, so you can experience greater health, and a higher quality of life, always.



I'm Jenn, founder of Real. Simple. Fitness. LLC. I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Health Coach and Senior Fitness Specialist. Pictured above with me are the people I love most. My husband Gary, and our two girls. We live in Dillsburg, PA with (too) many adorable cats.

I am a lover of [country] music, coffee, open windows, selfies, mountains, laughing, vacations, campfires, makeup and Captain Morgan. And of course, fitness and nutrition.

I highly value honesty and authenticity, which is at the foundation of everything I do. You will find that I am open and raw about my #reallife. Such as struggles with parenting, marriage and weak coffee. And how I try really hard to find balance in all things, like eating real food but also ice cream and dark chocolate. I love getting to know people and I value everyone's individual journey and uniqueness.


I want to support and encourage YOU to take an active role in improving your own health and well being through exercise and healthy eating. Please read over my page and contact me with any questions.