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Weight Loss & Nutrition Coaching

Whether your desire to lose weight is to look better, be more comfortable in your clothes, have less aches and pain, reduce or eliminate medications, or avoid scary health outcomes, we're here to help!

I have talked with many folks about their heartfelt desire to lose weight. Hearing those stories about health, confidence and physical pain gave me a burning desire to find specific ways to support them.


I know that losing weight is hard. I've been there too. I have learned in my own life how to gradually make changes and build new habits that align with the way I want to live. And now I want to help you do the same.

Our programs are geared toward teaching you about the basics of nutrition, how to make small and manageable steps towards more healthful decisions, and maybe the biggest piece of all, offering accountability.


Maybe you already know WHAT you should be doing, but having some guidance and structure may be just what you need to make those changes. We’ll also talk about mindset, roadblocks, food triggers and other important tips along the way.

We do not promote rapid weight loss. If you’ve tried those types of programs before, you’ve likely experienced that they are not at all sustainable. We desire for these programs to teach you how to make gradual changes, one day at at time, that will last a lifetime. 

The first step is to get in touch so we can chat and decide what program is a good fit for you!

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Monday, March 1st!

Register by Monday 2/15!

Cost is $120

RSF for Weight Loss is a 6-week Online Group Program. It is a jump start program designed to set you on the path to maintain good health and a healthy weight for the rest of your life.


We emphasize the foundation of nutrition for weight loss (meaning whole foods and balanced meals), realistic expectations, problem solving and habit change. With the ultimate goal being sustainable fat loss.

Weight loss, or fat loss comes naturally when we are fueling our bodies with wholesome, nutritious food. The amount of calories we eat each day also plays a role in weight loss and that will be something we will focus on throughout this course.


Please understand, this is not a magic formula, nor is it a quick fix diet that promises dramatic weight loss over the next 6 weeks. This program is designed to help you recognize how you are currently fueling your body, and how to make small adjustments towards better choices for the long haul. 


We will provide the information, the groundwork and tons of accountability and encouragement. But it is ultimately up to YOU to commit to yourself in making health a priority going forward. Something will have to CHANGE in order for you to see change. Can you commit to that?

Check out our FAQ below for program details.


What can I expect?

Simplicity. We know life is complicated and overwhelming. We have designed this course to be digested slowly (pun intended) with small action steps to help you create better habits. We will not ask you to completely overhaul your entire diet and way of living, because you will hate it, and that is not sustainable. Also, your spouse may kick you out of the house.


What exactly are the action steps?

Goal Setting: One of our first steps will be to create some very specific goals. Goals give us purpose and determination. Not all goals will be related to weight loss. And we will guide you through this process.


Food Journaling: A large component of this program is food journaling. We will ask that you write down what you eat everyday for a while. Don’t panic, we will give you several ways to do this. It does not need to be a time consuming thing. We will help you decide what is best based on your goals and lifestyle. You will not be required to count calories, but it is an option.


Measure Progress: We will ask that you weigh yourself weekly (unless you have a strong preference otherwise) and take body measurements every four weeks. We will also measure more subjective things like your mood, energy, sleep and celebrate other positive non-scale victories.


There will be some other steps and goals each week, but again this program is not intended to be overwhelming or stressful. 


How will I be held accountable?

Weekly Check-ins: This is where you will share your food logs, your measurements and your non-scale victories (NSV).


Coach support: We will be there for you each step of the way. We will be available for questions, concerns, problem solving, and celebrating. 


Group support: A crucial part of your success is having a social group of people like you, who are rooting for you. Coaches will be sharing weekly tips and insights and will be largely present throughout the whole process. Members are highly encouraged to post often with pictures, questions, struggles, and virtual high fives and hugs. If you don’t have great support at home, please utilize this group to its fullest.


Will there be additional costs after the registration fee?

No, the total cost of the program is $120. You will not need to buy anything else except some healthy food of your choosing.


What information will I have to share?

We will not insist you share any information that you are not comfortable with.


Will I lose weight?

Remember, this is not a rapid weight loss program. If you’ve tried those types of programs before, you’ve likely experienced that they are not at all sustainable and the weight is regained. We desire for this program to teach you how to make gradual changes that will last a lifetime. We don’t want you to go back to your old habits at the end of the 6 weeks.


Numbers are often helpful. If you are committed and stay consistent with the process, I would aim to lose 3-5% of your bodyweight in 6-12 weeks.


Will I have to give up my favorite foods?

The beauty of a “lifestyle change” means learning to balance your diet with nutritious foods and yummy treats. There is no need to deprive yourself of foods you love, or miss out on the enjoyment of social gatherings and celebrations. With that in mind, the majority of the food you eat needs to be wholesome and healthy and there will be times you will need to say no or limit yourself. When you are in the right mindset, you will start to prefer the healthier options!


What if my family is not on board?

This is hard, and also very common. Support from those around you plays an important role in your success of habit change. While you cannot force anyone to come on this journey with you, we do encourage you to have an open discussion with your family about what you need from them. We will talk more about how to succeed when you don’t have support at home, and this is where coach and group support is crucial.


What happens when this program ends?

Phase 2: Depending on interest, we will consider launching a phase 2. This phase will go deeper into the emotional side of habit change, add a component of exercise and continue with accountability. 


1:1 Coaching: If you have significant weight to lose or want a more personalized program and/or longer term commitment, then I would highly suggest 1:1 coaching with either Sherri or Jenn. With private coaching we will be able to focus on your individual needs and struggles, offering you a more in depth approach. We will be sharing more information throughout the next few weeks but please know that this is an option. 


Can I cancel once I enroll?

If you want to cancel your program for any reason, you may do so in the first two weeks for a full refund. Cancellations after the first two weeks can be refunded on a prorated basis.     


Will you offer a discount for my spouse?

Yes, and we encourage you to do this together! Your spouse will receive a 20% discount ($24) off their enrollment cost.


What if I have more questions?

Great, please contact us as soon as possible so we can help you determine if this program is a good fit. You’ll want to register soon! 

Next Launch: Monday, March 1st!

Register by Monday 2/15!

Individual Coaching

This program solely focuses on nutrition and habit based coaching.  It is ideal for those who desire weight loss, and either choose to exercise on their own, or not quite ready or able to commit to an exercise regimen. 

What you can expect:

  • An in depth consultation to discuss your history and goals to determine program details

  • Assessments to determine current nutrition level and knowledge

  • Easy to understand teachings on the foundation of nutrition

  • Implementation of small and manageable action steps that meet your lifestyle

  • Ongoing program evaluation to keep things fresh and conducive to your goals

  • Text/Email support (24hr response time)

  • Weekly & Monthly Progress Tracking

  • Weekly Accountability Check-in (via text/email)

  • Access to the RSF Community Facebook Group for added support and motivation

  • Non judgemental support and warm, authentic friendship

Individual Weight Loss & Nutrition Coaching Pricing

(1) Coaching Session every week

(for the first 4 weeks*)

Weekly Cost

30min Sessions $40

​Monthly Cost

30min Sessions $120

*After the initial 4 weeks, sessions can be every other week, or monthly.