Health Coaching

In person and online options!

Throughout the coaching program, we will collaborate, problem solve and create action steps together. I will be a gentle guide throughout the process helping you discover your own paths that lead you to in the direction YOU want to go. When we take ownership of our goals and decisions, we are much more likely to create change within us that lasts.


Maybe you already know WHAT you should be doing, but having some guidance, structure and accountability may be just what you need to make those changes. We’ll also talk about mindset, roadblocks, food triggers and other important tips along the way.

Rapid weight loss is not encouraged. If you’ve tried those types of diets or programs before, you may have experienced that they do not offer long term results or a healthy mindset. A slow and consistent approach is healthy and sustainable, which is the foundation of wellness. 

  • An in depth consultation to discuss your history and goals

  • Collaboration to determine areas of focus and action steps that meet your lifestyle

  • A guiding coaching style that promotes autonomy and self-reliance

  • Ongoing program evaluation to keep things fresh and conducive to your goals

  • Text/Email support (24hr response time)

  • Weekly & Monthly Progress Tracking (Weigh-ins, Body Measurements, Non-scale victories)

  • Weekly Accountability Check-ins (via text/email)

  • Access to the RSF Community Facebook Group for added support and motivation

  • Non judgmental support and warm, authentic friendship

Program Details:

Health Coaching Pricing

All sessions are 45 minutes.

Private Sessions:

$40/session for 1 session per week

$36/session for 2 or more sessions per week