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Summer Series

Build muscle and strength in this small group program designed for ladies!

This class is full.

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Perfect for:

  • Teachers who finally have time to workout

  • Runners/cardio lovers who need to add strength training 

  • Ladies who want to better understand strength training or improve form and technique

  • Those looking for a personalized program to follow 

  • Ladies who are interested in personal training at a more efficient cost

  • Any woman who wants to improve their strength and muscle tone!

​Workout Details:

  • Workouts will be 45 minutes long and will maximize time by using supersets (sounds scary, but it just means two exercises back to back) 

  • All muscle groups will be worked each week, using mostly dumbbells

  • Programs will be similar but may vary based on each persons needs

  • You will have access to your program online where you can track all your stats and have anywhere you go

  • I will guide you as you work through your exercises independently (this allows for the most effective workout and the most flexibility with your schedule)

  • Very little cardio will be incorporated (unless you want that as part of your plan)

​Program Details:

  • Series runs from June 19 - Aug 18

  • Please note: No classes on June 26, 28, 30, July 24, 26, 28, Aug 11, 14. (But you will have your program and can workout on your own.)

  • Classes will be at 8am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at Dillsburg Yoga

  • Must commit to 2 or 3 days per week (its ok to miss a few)

  • Suitable for a variety of fitness levels and abilities (Ladies with no exercise experience will be asked to first complete the on ramp program)

  • Need a minimum of 5 committed ladies


  • 2 classes/week: $140 (approx 14 classes)

  • 3 classes/week: $182 (approx 19 classes)

  • Cost reflects occasional missed classes. You are welcome to mix and match days.

  • You are also welcome to make up missed classes during my other scheduled classes (but it will not be your personalized workout)

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