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Did you know that your cardio machine can do more for you than hold your laundry?

Of course you do.

It’s so common to finally splurge on a piece of equipment that you swear you will use everyday. And you do. Until the novelty wears, off along with all your motivation to keep going.

And then it just sits there. Right? Collecting clothes, collecting dust, collecting guilt…

I have a trick (a lifehack, if you will) that might entice you to dust the thing off and get moving.

For the past several months, I have been committed to getting a minimum number of steps each day and more recently have been incorporating low intensity cardio a few times a week.

Which means that during these cold winter days, the treadmill has been my best friend.

>> I have found that watching a tv show while I exercise is keeping me motivated and anticipating the next workout!!

At first, I felt like I was cheating my workouts by not giving them my undivided attention. But walking on the treadmill (elliptical, bike, etc) does not need a lot of focus or brain power.

And it has increased my overall enjoyment of the workout itself.

I pick a show that I ONLY watch during workouts, that way it feels special and it helps me look forward to watching the next episode AND getting my workout done.

Before you jump in…here are a few “pre-exercises" to get your space and equipment ready to go. Do these before your first official workout. Otherwise, you'll be annoyed when you are finally ready to exercise but you have all these roadblocks.

  1. Get your machine ready. Pull it out, dust it off, oil it up- do whatever you have to to make it usable.

  2. Next, figure out how you will watch your shows. On your phone, laptop, maybe cast to a tv? Do you need headphones? Do you need to move your machine to a different location? Or move your tv?

  3. Then, find a few interesting shows and put them in your watch list. Pick which one to start with.

  4. Decide when you will exercise and how long each session will be. Or, let the show be your guide. One workout session per episode. Boom!

Now you’re ready to roll!

I found that it took a few times to get in the groove of setting things up, finding remotes etc. But it doesn't take long for it to be a smooth process.

Now go get ‘em!

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