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What does Jenn do?

I’ve shared a bit about my current workout routine and how it is working very well for me. It’s manageable, enjoyable and I am seeing results!

Remember - this is what works for ME. If you feel like this is way out of reach, then take what you can from it and modify it for your life.

You may be doing more than this. That’s fantastic - keep it up!

Here we go…

> At least 10,000 steps every day

Usually it’s more. I’m on my feet a lot so this is very realistic for me. If there are days when I’m under, it’s ok - because it all evens across the week.

> 2 Full Body Strength Workouts

About 45 minutes long

I focus on big muscle groups and compound movements like squats, deadlifts, lunges, chest press, back rows, planks…

The exercises slightly change every 4 weeks.

I lift heavy! There are grunts and funny faces during the last few reps of each set.

> 2 Lower Intensity Cardio Sessions

45 minutes long

I keep my heart rate in the Zone 2 range (70-80% of max heart rate) You can still hold a conversation in this zone.

Right now I use the treadmill, walking on an incline of 7 at 3.5mph. Sometimes I power walk outside.

> 1 Higher Intensity Cardio Session

About 30 minutes long

I choose either a tough bodyweight circuit, interval sprints on the treadmill or a jog outside. This one is the most challenging for me. And the one I need to practice the most!

Each week, I have 5 dedicated workouts and 2 rest days. This has been very sustainable and flexible for my season of life. Sometimes I want to do more to see faster progress, but I know this is what I can commit to and this is what feels the best for my body.

I’ve had to tweak and re-evaluate often. I’ve had to find a time of day that I could stick with. I’ve had to think outside the box. I’ve had to let go of expectations and guilt.

Can you take this template and make something work for yourself?

Do you need help? Message me!

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