Mita's Transformation Story

January 2020 - January 2021:

Total Weight lost: 27.4lbs Total Inches lost: 15.5

This is my friend Mita. Mita got in touch with me in December 2019 after I had introduced my new small group training classes. She told me she had never worked out in her life, but was committed to making some changes. In the following weeks, she worked hard to learn the exercises and continued asking questions so she could understand their purpose and execute them with good form.

What I loved most was her realistic approach to her goals. She knew that this would not be a short endeavor. She was also clear that she wanted to continue eating the same foods that she was used to, but to work on reducing her portions. Right from the start, I knew she had the perfect mindset to begin this journey.

I don’t take much credit for her success. I merely provided the opportunity for physical activity and gave encouragement; but she maintained her determination and kept her eye on the goal. Here’s what Mita has to say about her experience in the past year: