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What can you do to be more healthy?

I remember learning about The Pillars of Health several years ago. It was like a lightbulb went off. Sometimes we can get hyper focused on improving one area of life, when in reality, there are many components that lead to being healthy and feeling good.

And when these components are in balance, we are optimizing our health, well-being and longevity.

I’ve listed them below in no particular order and in fact, they can be considered equal in importance.

Think about which one area might be lacking for you the most and make sure it is something you can commit to right now. Then take steps toward improving that one goal. When you have created a lasting habit, it's time to move to another one.

It's easy to want to tackle many things at once, but it is rare to be successful that way. Overwhelm leads to giving up, so it's best to start small. Very small.

I’ll be digging deeper into each of these topics as time goes on, but please reach out with any questions, or if you are needing some help making changes in any of these areas.


Aim for 7+ hours each night

Maintain a consistent bedtime routine and sleep schedule every day of the week

Sleep regulates hormones and emotions (which controls nearly everything we feel and do) and promotes mental clarity and focus.


Balanced food groups (Carbs, Protein, Fats, Produce & Treats)

Adequate protein for satiety and muscle maintenance

Adequate fiber and plant foods for digestion, energy and nutrients

Treats for enjoyment and sustainment of a healthy and balanced diet


Daily movement for overall joint and body functioning and maintenance

Muscle strengthening for strength, endurance, independence, bone health and physique

Cardio activity for heart health and physical stamina

>Self Care (Mental/Emotional Wellbeing):

Making time for things you enjoy (without guilt)

Managing stress in healthy ways

Nurturing important relationships

Pushing outside your comfort zone to learn and grow

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