Parenting, Snacking, and Habits

My 8 year old has quite an aggressive personality. She has an overactive “fairness radar” and if she feels wronged by you, you'd better run. Or duck. Yesterday during a calm moment, I explained to her that getting angry and hitting her sister has become a (bad) habit, and we need to work on breaking that habit. We talked through some actions steps to do so, and that led me to think about how we all have unfavorable behavior patterns. Sometimes we just need a starting point and a plan about HOW we can change them.

If you are struggling to lose weight, for example, chances are you have some habits that are preventing you from doing so.

It’s not completely a matter of self-control or will power. It’s a matter of CHANGING a habit. That doesn’t mean that habit changing is easy- our brains have become deeply wired by the constant repetition of our daily activities. But the good news is, we can re-train (re-wire) our brain to make new pathways towards more desirable behavior patterns.

Here are a few action steps to get you started. Example (a.) is in reference to my daughter’s anger, (b.) is in reference to me stress eating about it. ;)

1. Identify the habit and acknowledge how it is affecting you negatively.

a. I threw the remote at my sister and then I got in trouble. (true story)

b. I snack when I’m stressed about my children fighting and I cannot reach my weight loss goal if that continues. (also true story)

2. Be willing and prepared to make a change!