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Do you know what I care about even more than exercise and eating well?

Mental and emotional wellness.

Throughout my life, I’ve consistently struggled with self-confidence, over-thinking, procrastination, body image, and perfectionism…to name a FEW.

Part of my self care is exercise and eating well. But my mental wellness is an uphill battle. And I know many of you are struggling also.

And I want to tell you that

You don't have to be at the end of your rope to reach out for help.

I heard that message in a podcast once and thought it was a profound statement.

Sometimes we don’t feel like our problems are big enough or we’re embarrassed because on the outside our life appears so great.

But if you often have to force or fake happiness, if you want to hide from or avoid certain situations, if you are typically irritable and edgy, if you can't bring yourself to start making better choices for yourself, or even if you just feel in your gut like something is just not right - I urge you to ask for help.

That first step may feel like the hardest thing you’ve ever done.

But you can do hard things.

It may be talking regularly with a friend or family member, finding a good therapist or trying medication.

The first person you talk to or the first thing you try may not give you the support you need, but don’t give up until you find what works for you!

Have an open mind and be willing to do what it takes to feel better.

If I can help you in any way, or share more about my experience, feel free to message me.

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